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SAFARI PLANET NFT is a one-of-a-kind collection of 9990 original hand-painted canvas paintings and digital artwork made throughout the course of my artistic career. My objective is to bring together beautiful works of art and passionate art enthusiasts,  to encourage people to go see them, and to be the Metaverse world of Safari.

I'd like to use this collection to support a subject that's close to my heart: animal rights advocacy. I intend to work with local grassroots organizations, campaigns, and activists genuinely contributing to the protection of wildlife.

The biodiversity present on the African continent, indigenous African pottery artists, wood and natural stone carvers, and traditional African fabric pattern designs all served as inspiration.

This collection looks into wild and unique existence of different species in Africa and many other. Safari Planet is aimed at art enthusiasts, collectors, and artist to digitally have a safari joy through art.



"what distinguishes my collection from the others"

Safari Planet NFT  holders will be placed on a whitelist for the subsequent NFT drops and will receive a gift for their collection based on the NFTS they purchased, such as certificates of adoption of orphaned animals. We also want to introduce a range of digital and physical clothes as well as other accessories that are based on the artwork in this collection.

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